The current project.
I’m mixing London and Tokyo with film photography to create a new city.

“It is the capital and largest city of the country, one of the world's major global cities, exerts a strong influence on world art, entertainment, fashion, commerce and finance, education, health care, media, science and technology, tourism, transport, and communications.
It's a captivating island nation known for its picturesque countryside, historic castles, and a resilient spirit that has shaped world history.”

This description based on Wikipedia can be attached for London and Tokyo without changes.

To make a visual mix of so different and so similar places I’m using the double exposed 35-mm film. Some magic power is constructing a new world alongside me. It’s impossible to predict clearly what you’ll have when rolling your film back and starting to expose again.

First part of the pictures were exposed in Tokyo in 2021.
London's side started to be captured in 2024.

Feel the atmosphere, find your own place inside new spaces, enjoy the visual journey.