The current art project embodies the beauty of nature, highlighting the often overlooked details beneath our feet.
In the first part I discover natural origin pieces lying on a ground in different places. Each month has its own markers on a ground. From ripe berries in a summer to faded leaves in late February. Places on a planet have own various marks. My area is covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. Spruce, pine and oak trees set the character of the rest of the flora. Pines, yews, olives, cypresses, all these trees settled the planet from 50 to 150 million years ago. They passing through all times by now. People give different meanings and using plants as symbols no less than animals. Estonia as England, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the U.S. claims the oak as their national tree. 
To record a chronicle of a ground, I’m mixing classic photography and over-processing images, combining individual instances in a plenty numbers of the Harvest.
Feel the symphony of the seasons and appreciate the exquisite beauty contained in the little things.
Make art no war.